We are a group of passionate health care providers who have come together to train Emergency Care Short Courses. We train on: First Aid (FA), Fire and Safety Training, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and more.

Our process is divided into 3 major dispositions:

First Aid is the number one response to any emergency situation. During an emergency situation the number one priority is to ensure safety and save lives. Everybody should know how to administer first aid in order to save life. For example if an infant were to choke, do you or your significant other know what to do? It doesn’t have to be your child could be your neighbor’s child. The important thing is to save and preserve life.

Basic Life Support Training is important as well. Life style diseases are on the rise in Kenya and in the world. Basic life support training gives the medic and non-medic training on what to do in case an infant child or adult becomes unresponsive and intervention is required. How do you check for a pulse? What do you do if the person does not have a pulse.

American Heart Association Certificate is an international standard that we use to train participants and certify them thereafter. These standards ensure that healthcare providers adhere to international standards of best practice when it comes to delivery of emergency care

What We Stand For


To provide training that adheres to the international standards of the American Heart Association


To provide training that are a bit subsidized striking a balance between quality and affordability.


To provide training of high level consistently.

The Quality Care Team

Mandela Desmond Orwa

Lead Instructor

Dr. Serah Wachira

Senior Instructor

Dr. Lizz Esther Kinyua


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